Welcome to The Taylorsville Technology Center

Martin World Enterprise is a Radio Shack Franchise located in Taylorsville, KY.   Custom installation and wiring is an integral part of our electronics business.  It is not something that is currently done through corporate locations.  

You can reach us at the following:

Store Phone #         502-477-9615

Store Address         753 Taylorsville Road
                                   Taylorsville, KY 40071
                                    In the shopping center behind the car wash

E-Mail Address for the owner of the business  WesleyMartin@kywiring.com

We are a small business and we like it that way.  We enjoy knowing our customers by name, cutting a joke, and providing excellent service.  Our installers are people we have known and have been doing business with for a long time. 

There are many companies who sell services through mass mailings and 800 numbers.  We pride ourselves on not being one of those.  From a promotion perspective, we sell the exact same packages as everyone else.  By providing you with personal service and an experienced installer, we believe that you will have a better long term customer experience.  In simple terms, our service is better and so are our installations.

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