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A lot of our service work is directly is to fix a problem with an installation performed by other companies.  Here is a before and after slide show of a log cabin we re-wired.  It was in interesting job.  In order to hide the wires, we had to customize panels that were attached to the deck.  In this case, the cabin is a beautiful home.  The owners wanted to maintain the beauth of their investment.  Log Cabin's present their own unique challenges.  Its not possible to fish a line down a log.  If you are building a log cabin, pre-wiring is a must. 

This is a good example of why you should choose to subscribe to service through a local dealer.  An inexperienced installer will not have the ability to do a world class job for a customer like this.  They will also have several jobs lined up for the same day with a quota hanging over their heads in many cases.  Make no mistake, there are a lot of good installers that work for large companies.  But when it comes to custom wiring, you should contact us.