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Fortunately, most advancements in Home Theater have come in the form of advanced equipment, meaning that receivers are processing the upgrades.  For example, a many home theaters are capable of processing both Dolby Digital sound and THX

Many newer receivers are capable of supporting a 7.1 surround sound system.  That, and they may also have assignable HDMI pass through.  This is a good example of wiring for the future.  5.1 surround sound is still common and produces excellent sound effects but the day will come when 7.1 will be the industry standard

Another change is that projection systems or movie rooms are becoming more common place in residences.  This is a project that should be planned in advance with a professional.   The placement of the projector depends  on the desired screen size and projector selected. 

The good news is that once your wiring is in place, components can be replaced.  The same is true of speakers and other products.  We generally don't recommend products.  To us, the products are dependent on wants and goals of you as a customer.  If you want a 1080p projector, the recommendation may be different that if you will be satisfied with a 780p.  Some customers want in-wall, others enjoy tower speakers.  Your preferences are more important than us promoting a particular product.

However if you do want recommendations, please come to our store or call us.  In our store, we can demonstrate several products and help you plan a system to your liking.