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We are often asked what can you do that the people on the other end of an 800 number can't?  The answer is simply that we guarantee a quality installation.   We also explain the promotion thoroughly.  Changing service providers almost always offers short term savings.  Once you make that decision, you need to know what you are responsible for long term.

Please Click Here for Current DirectTV Promotions

From a promotion stand point, all dealers are equal. The difference between a satisfied satellite television customer and not is two fold:

1.  You must get a quality installation from the beginning.

2.  The person selling you the service must explain the promotion completely.  Once the promotion is over, you need to understand exactly how you will be billed.

Some things that I like about Direct TV.

 1. They do an excellent job with Sports products. NFL Sunday Ticket is exclusive to Direct TV. Other sports products include MLB Extra Innings, Nascar Hot Pass, MLS Direct Kick, Fox Soccer Plus (European), NHL Center Ice, NBA League Pass, ESPN Full Court (college basketball), and many Pay Per View events.

2. Their software on their satellite systems are customer friendly. So if you need to re-program a remote, they have instructions that are accessible through their receivers. They also have several short cuts that can be programmed on the remote. Many of which become available if you connect your receiver to a broadband connection. Here's a list of features that Direct TV offers. I'll call it the GEEKS guide to Direct TV Features Direct TV Features.

3. The Genie had 5 tuners in it and puts an end to recording conplicts.  It also allows content to be accessed throughout the house.  It is simply the best whole home HD/DVR on the market

4. The Direct TV promotions for new customers are very aggressive.  You also must agree to specific programming levels for advanced equipment. Its normally a $31 discount before other credits such as Movie Channels. Free standard professional installation is included when you sign up for service. Please contact us for information on the current promotions. You can use the form on the Home or About us page, or you can call us for immediate service. Our phone number is 502-477-9615. The Channel line-ups are printable from the links below. Promotions change on a regular basis, so you will want to call us for the current information.