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The antenna is making a comeback.  Digital television has created more band-with and many stations are broadcasting more channels.  With improved video and audio now available through an antenna, many people are purchasing new or bringing back to life an older antenna.   

Antenna's by nature are imperfect products.   What we mean by that is that no one can guarantee the same results each and every time.  Two houses side by side with identical wiring and products may not have the exact same result.  Elevation, construction, trees and a whole host of other sources outside of our control can affect signal strength.  And with digital television, signal strength is key.  A weak signal will not produce a picture where on analog, you would see an snowy picture.

Now that you've read our disclaimer, we do professional antenna installations.  I have a lot of opinions (just ask my wife).  One of those opinions is that the value that an antenna produces for a home owner is well worth the investment.  Not only is there no monthly fee for local television with digital 5.1 surround sound, but it can also bring in am/fm signals for your home theater or stereo system.  In rural parts of our state, it is common to lose signal.  An antenna can fix that.

A lot home owners do not want the antenna exposed outside.  Many HOA's will restrict them.  If that describes you, then think  about an attic installation.  It protects them from the elements and helps to maintain the outside appearance of the home. 

Our base charge for antenna installations is $100.  That would include mounting the antenna and providing service to one television.  Additional rooms and custom wiring (wall fishing) add to the cost.  The antenna and mounts are sold separately.  However, you would not incur additional charges for cable or wall plates.  A lot of the cost is dependent upon what existing wiring is in place.  If a home is properly pre-wired, it makes the installation easier and the cost less.  Please contact our store for a custom quote.