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Video Surveillance and Home Security are Changing

It can save you money!

Pictured Above:  One of our installers is placing a video surveillance camera in a commercial location.

A revolution about to occur in the home security market.  Today you are seeing internet connected products come to the market place in all shapes and sizes.  Many people have heard about the smart thermostat products that control temperature.  What has not gotten the same type of press attention are the security based products that connect to the same way. 

There are currently window sensors, door alarms, and other products available that are internet connected.  What that means is that you can set your home network to notify you  via text message or e-mail when a sensor is tripped.  You can then go to your video surveillance app and look inside your house to see what is happening.  What is missing in that description in an alarm company.  That means that with the right products and installation, you can shed a monthly bill and monitor your home yourself through your smart phone.

Pricing for these products still has wide range.  In many cases, you can purchase a very nice video surveillance system for about $600.  The home security sensor kits start at about $400.  Of course, number of locations for sensors and cameras affect the total cost.  The point is for about $1000 you can have a very advanced security system and no monthly monitoring expense.

The systems are not necessarily complex to install.  If you are tech savvy and handy with tools you can self install.  If not, we install these products for a fee.  Total cost varies by job, location, and type of system.  We'd be happy to sell you the products or help you install.  Let us know how we can help.