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Satellite Internet just got a whole lot better.  In October of 2011, ViaSat launched a new satellite called Via Sat1.  This system processes data up to 12MBPS.  What that means to customers is that there is now a system that will support all current applications like streaming video, VOIP, and online gaming.  Prior to that satellite, those services were not available to rural customers.

Now offering Satellite Internet

powered by Via Sat's Exede Platform

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Now offering Satellite Internet
powered by Via Sat's Exede Platform

This is a paperless vendor. Statements are sent electronically.
All plans require 24 month commitment and an auto draft.
Current set-up fee is $99.99
Lease fee of $9.99/month for equipment applies, (or you can prepay $199.99 lease fee for 2 years.)
Speeds are "up to" and not guaranteed. Actual speeds will vary.
Please visit our website: www.taylorsvilletechcenter.com Martin World Enterprise Inc.

Please note: This service provider is a paperless company. Invoices are generated and sent to an e-mail account and payments are collected through an auto-draft.

Please click here for a Printable PDF of the pricing plans


Our goal is to provide each and every customer with a free standard professional installation.  In fact 90% of our customers do not incur additional charges.  It is possible line of sight, customer preference, or  type  of structure could make that  installation non-standard.

Some Reasons customers may incur additional charges for installation include:

1.  Travel Distance from our location farther than 50 miles

2.  Excess cable run's over 100 feet

3.  Setting the reflector on a post

4.  Purchase and set-up of  routers and networking throughout a home

5.  Fishing lines down a wall

One key difference in choosing Exede through our company, is that we perform our own installations. That means that we sell, install, and use this system everyday.  You can not find a company that has more hands-on experience.  I would say that is true, even if you called Exede directly.  Best guess is that none of their sales people have ever installed a system.

We are also a technically capable company.  That means that we can typically solve problems past your Exede modem.  What if you want additional computers networked to your system?  What  if your computer is running slow and affecting your service?  There are a whole host of what if questions that can come with subscribing to this sort of service.  While those services are not free, wouldn't it be nice to know that the people installing your system are capable of handling those issues?  If you order your service from us, be assured that we are a full service company that prides itself on service.

The links below are is the information on the older Wild Blue system.

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